What's with girls going on dates with a negative attitude, then complaining about there not being chemistry?

It takes two to tango. If a girl goes in all moody, not making any effort, or keeps her physical distance, how can she complain that there is no chemistry? And in the process, throw away a potentially good date. Is that not stupid?
And if never had an interest in dating the guy in the first place, then why give off signals or go on the date in the first place?


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  • It's easier to justify " the no chemistry claim " if it can be blamed on someone else. Aka the guy.


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  • Some women will give it a try only to learn that the experience genuinely does not excite their spirit and they feel no magnetism. You can't force those things. So a woman being open and honest about that isn't necessarily 'complaining', it's more so being straightforward and direct. Not everyone is meant to tango together.

    • But why go in with a negative attitude? How would chemistry even be possible with that?

    • @Asker Are you referring to someone specific? Maybe she was having a bad day or you're just not all that interesting/attractive to her.

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