You are a beautiful woman, you get told so also by many people, so why does your crush not like any of your pics but will like other women's photos?

I get told all the time how beautiful/gorgeous I am which is nice to hear of course, but why then does my crush not who I am friends with on fb not like any of my photos but will like the photos of women who are okay looking and some or beautiful as well, but some are just okay? He knows I am interested I think because we see each other at the gym and I make conversation with him most days and I've asked him if he ever wanted to hang out cause he is knew in town we could. We haven't but he knows its an option. I know this is petty but i want some thoughts on this whole guys and liking girls fb pics.


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  • Maybe he thinks he'll overstep if he does that
    Why don't u ask for his number and see how things go then

    • Well I mean I have already asked of he wanted to go out for drinks one night and he got back with me saying wow sorry i just got this message it never notified me on fb. and that was that he never answered for I figured he's just not interested for some personal reason. So i feel like asking fr his number would be over doing it. plus I'm always told if a guy is interested he will act

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    • Thanks I will definitely think about it! haha you are awesome!

    • Lol thanks

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  • He probably doesn't like you. :/

    • Totally okay! haha Thanks!

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  • Personally I won't like a crush's FB pictures, in fact I generally ignore a girl's FB whom I'm dating/interested in.

    Or, and don't take it personally, he's just not into you.

    • Yeah no, I know there is always that possibility and its more so not interested, I just wanted to get peoples thoughts! Everyone is different so. Thanks!

  • Many women are beautiful.

    • Yup, that was my question though. I clearly understand that. Thanks...

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    • You are such a jack ass haha, thats fine. I asked a question to get peoples thoughts. Thanks

    • You're welcome...

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