Should I tell my boyfriend?

Okay so me and my boyfriend have been together for over 2 years now and we have started getting into things more sexual and stuff, but of course are parents don't know. So I've told no one. And it's hard for me to not tell anyone. I always want to share all my life details with people. But I haven't. Well I was talking to a guy friend of mine who isn't a good guy and I used to have a crush on. Me and him started talking about our sex life and how far we've gone and stuff and I told my boyfriend but not that I told him anything about us. My boyfriend only knows what the guy said and he's really really mad about it and will be even more mad if he knows what I did. So should I tell him or not? If I tell him it will only hurt him and make him SUPER mad at me.
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To make it more clear. I would be telling my boyfriend that I told the guy how far me and my boyfriend have gone and stuff. My boyfriend only knows that I know how far the guy has gone.


Most Helpful Guy

  • You need to learn that some things aren't other people's buisness. Why would you go tell another guy this kind of stuff knowing your boyfriend would be mad

    • I know. I realize now it was stupid. I just didn't think through it.

    • Things like this seldom have positive results. He probably wouldn't have blinked an eye had it been another girl you had talked to. Ummm telling him the rest of the story will no doubt anger him more , but not telling him is as good as a lie. Your boyfriend is most likely thinking that he is being cheated on or at least about to be , so him being upset from my point of view is totally understandable

    • I totally understand why he is upset. And we have talked about it and made up type thing. So telling him how much I told the guy now would just upset him more all over again.

Most Helpful Girl

  • That guy will love to run his mouth even more so yea your boyfriend before the guy friend does.


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What Guys Said 2

  • He has the right to know, since it's about him, and your someone who he should trust, so I would tell him and say your sorry

  • Don't tell your boyfriend any more stuff you said. And don't tell anyone else either. I know it's exciting but keep it private. Or tell GAG. No one will know you here lol

    • Why should I not tell him? I mean I don't know if I should or not, so I'd like o hear your reasoning. And oh yeah I'm not doing it again. It was a total mistake. And lol tru

    • Just to save any more arguments. You don't wanna make him more angry.
      I haven't done anything sexual with a girl yet but if I did I don't want her telling people. I just find it a private and intimate thing not to be discussed with other people. Damn I admitted once to a close girl friend of mine that I masturbated. I guess it's almost obvious most people do but I sort of regret telling her haha. I'm mostly a private person.

What Girls Said 2

  • I'm sorry... I missed the part where you tell us what information you're debating telling your boyfriend?

    • That I told the other guy about stuff me and my boyfriend did. Sorry

  • You shouldn't be talking to a former crush about your sex life, period. If you can't openly talk to your parents about sex then you're probably too young to be having it. It's better to talk to them.


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