How to move on quickly?

There's a girl that I've asked to go out with me. Initially, she did not make up her mind. After three weeks, she then replied to me that she has a boyfriend and they got together two weeks ago.
My final exams are soon enough, and during the whole semester I was unable to focus due to the fact that she was completely in my mind.

Now that I know that she has a boyfriend, and can not do something about it I'd like to focus on my studies to get some good grades.

The problem is that I can not focus at all, I keep thinking of her on a daily basis.
How can I forget her?

Kindly provide me some guidance in this critical situation, otherwise I'll fail all my exams this semester.

Thank you.


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  • Hang out with other people and start dating other women. It's pointless to keep being obsessed over her and it won't amount to anything at all.


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  • Oh, I see that we are in the same boat unfortunately.

    Well, listen. Give yourself some time, and you'll forget her.
    As for me, I've realised that we can not get into a relationship for the time being. Thus, I've decided to build a friendship instead and see where it goes.

    In my opinion, a friendship is as much important as a relationship.

    I appreciate my current situation, since I'm able to talk to her and eventually I can ask her to come have a drink with friends and so on.

    This was the only solution to my problem that I could get. Since, I can not be her boyfriend I can at least be a good friend for her.
    Nothing to loose, it's a win/win either way.

    Hoping that my solution can somehow help you out in your situation. Good luck dude, I know it is a hard time but you can move on and do things that you enjoy in your life ! ;)

    • Oh, I'm the one from the older post that you've asked for.
      I've removed my anonymous identity on purpose ;)

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  • Not much else you can do but suck it up and force yourself to focus.

    • Yeah, that is what I have been doing lately. I try to occupy all my time with studying so that I will have much less opportunity thinking about her. Once my exam will finish, then I will have more time and that I will be at risk of losing my mind.

      The courses that I registered for next semester will be all male-dominated, thus, I will have no opportunity to meet other women.

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