If You Like Someone You Like Their Smell?

So a while ago I was walking with my boyfriend back to my place after visiting mum so she could meet him properly. (They'd met before but briefly)
It was a stinking hot day, 34 degrees Celsius.
My deodorant had failed within five minutes of walking and I'd neglected to bring any with me so by the end of the forty minute walk I stunk like a pile of dirty laundry. It was terrible.
I commented on this, laughingly apologising to my boyfriend that he's going to be subjected to my BO for the entirety of the walk.
He shrugged and said he was okay with that. I smell good.

I have been been spoken to before about my body odour, I have a bit of a problem in that no deoderant seems to ever work. I've been told I smell horrid on hot days. I know I don't smell great (though admittedly I don't mind my own smell) so why would he think I smell good?

I've spoken to his sister a couple times and she's asked me how I can stand kissing him when he doesn't brush his teeth. I have the same bad habit so it doesn't really affect me. She's also asked how I can stand spending more than five seconds in his room, what with the mess and the smell. My response to that was what smell?

Do you reckon that if you like someone you generally like their smell too?
Let me know.
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  • I don't think so.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Okay, I voted on option A, but in reality, it's a definite yes. I don't know why that is, but if I like someone, I also like their smell and don't mind their bad hygiene habits - whether they have B. O. at the time or they've just showered and put perfume on, if their breath smells or if they've just done their teeth and rinsed, if they've got a dirty room or if it's always tidy and Febreezed.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think it's just a matter of you both seeming to be pretty foul people so you just... click. I don't think it's 'cause you like one another.

    When someone I have feelings for smells bad, I avoid them. I try not to be near them. I still like them, but their scent makes me gag. Won't have any part of it.

    • I read up that if someone's natural odour smells bad to you then you aren't physically compatible.
      And we're not foul people. I do make an effort to keep my hygiene up to par. We both shower every day. We both put deoderant on and de stink ourselves as much as we can. There are just a few habits we need to rectify and my own personal fail with BO.

      But Thankyou for your opinion.

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What Guys Said 3

  • I never think of how a women smell in her natural scent forum, that's mostly a girls thing like my past girl would sleep on the couch where I slept when I was gone so she could be close to my scent

  • "He shrugged and said he was okay with that. I smell good."
    -He doesn't want you to feel bad.

    For me, I call it a deep affection.

  • Scientifically, you do.


What Girls Said 3

  • It's more like if I like their smell I like someone for me.

  • I think so, I never think my boyfriend smells bad even when he's super sweaty, but he thinks he does and so do other people

  • ew,,, sounds gross... I would be clean his room for weeks!

    • You'll be pleased to know he has recently cleaned out his room. I haven't seen it but I'm sure I won't be standing on clean clothes the next time I enter XD

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    • Heh I wouldn't even attempt to redecorate. What would I do with all the Doctor Who figures? And the Pringles containers he's keeping for whatever reason.

      He's cleaned up but he hasn't cleaned out!

    • oh wow!!! haha! lol

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