Need help with this girl?

Hi folks I have this situation I met this girl throgh a Mutual social cycle we see each other like twic a week we don't talk nothing just say hi a that's it , any way week earlier I was checking my fb and bam she added me , so I text her so really that's you.. We chat and shit any way i asked her you have a boyfriend she said yeah I replied so in this case it's gonna be hard for someone to have a drink with you somewhere , she said no it's cool sure we can go for a drink as friends ! Wtf does this means? Tbh I like her and she eyes balls me too? Any idea should I flat out on her?


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  • Just go out with her and have fun.

    • Well ok but what are the chances? It would go in my favor I mean I don't want to waste my time and get blue balls you know?

    • Oh i wouldn't expect anything to happen. It seems more like a friendship. But if things were to escalate further then go for it.

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