What to say to a guy that you want to talk to?

okay so there's this guy at my job who I find reallyyyy Cute but I barely see him around my job because it's so big. But when I did see him I fake sneezed to get his attention and it did , he turned around so fast and I just frozen lol. But now there's a fairly unattractive let big girl (seriously not trying to be mean) who use to be gay trying to get him and she's has a child but she got her friend to get his number which she did. Now this other girl is saying he's cute after the first guy I like and she got his number. So now I have to play nasty and beat the girls who like him first. What should I do guys?


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  • I don't see why you have to get "nasty". Its not the other girl's fault you are too scared to go up to him and talk to him. It's a "you snooze you lose" mentality. If you want it go and get it. Talk to about work or something or ask some things about him he should get the idea that since he doesn't see you a lot and you went out of your way to see him that you must be interested.

    • Not get nasty , nasty duhhh

  • Just go up to him and talk to him. He'll probably want to hang around u to avoid the other chicks he doesn't like. Hopefully.

    • Okay , you're a guy , so how should I talk to him , like what to say?

    • Just be like 'hey, I've seen u around blah blah work blah blah, hey u seem like a nice guy wanna go get lunch or whatvever blah'. Just act like his friend and be friendly chitchat. Maybe be a bit flirty and touch him and stuff. Be really happy and smily when u see him and have like this unique friendship that nobody else has. Talk about personal things and laugh and stuff. That kinda thing. U can talk about anything.

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