Is he just not interested?

So I've been feeling kind of lonely lately so I asked my friend if she had a friend who fits my type. And she told me about this one guy who she worked with once in this event. And after listening to her stories about him, he seems to be ticking all of my ideal guy boxes. So the next step was to actually talk to thim and get to know him and see if we actually connect. But this friend of mine hasn't talked to him much since the event and isn't really tight enough with him to be able to introduce me to him as a potential partner. In addition, he's not the type of guy who would chase after a girl. So she suggested that I should make the first move and came up with the idea that she gives me his contact and me pretending like my cousin wants to study the subject he's studying currently (bcs he happen to be the only person my friend knows who studies it) and ask questions about it like how to get in, is it hard, etc etc. So i did bcs I figured there's nothing to lose, he doesn't know me anyway haha. but his replies were relatively short and to the point. and when I asked my friend, she said that he's really jst a very busy person and on top of that a shy person with people he doesn't know. Is she right? or is he annoyed that I asked him a bunch of questions? But I thought people would be happy talking about whatever is their thing? and I don't think i was rude or anything when i chatted with him... added some "haha"s to make things lighter and even complimented him at one point. Or he knows? he knows that I'm into him that he wants to let me know he's not interested? but he doesn't even know I existed before this?


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  • He probably has no reason to think you like him. You're a stranger with legitimate sounding questions.


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