Is taking out your first date to a massage too much?

To what extent do you put your best foot forward? I met a lovely young German lady and I have date with her tomorrow afternoon. Just wanted to hear your opinions on whether a massage is a bit much to share with someone you dont know. PLan was to take her for dinner, go to eat chocolate churros and then massage or suggestions of an activity to do.

thank you :)


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  • Getting massages seems a little too intimate for a first date. It has sort of a sexual vibe. I'd just stick with your dinner and dessert idea.

    If you guys aren't ready for the night to be over after eating, you could do something fun like bowling or mini golfing.


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  • It's kind of creepy, you might scare her off

  • Too much! Start slow and build up. Going to dinner and then to eat chocolate churros (and maybe take a walk?) is more than enough.


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