Would It Be Too Much To Ask For A Heads Up When She Becomes Busy Or Something Comes Up?

This girl and I have been talking and hanging out/dating for a while. She's said that she's about ready to take it to the next step. I only have one concern.

We usually text everyday and usually throughout the entire day (text because we're both hard-of-hearing). She's been pretty quiet tonight which is understandable since she said she'd be busy but a few hours ago she said she'd be home soon. Usually we let each other know when we get home safely (her idea) and she hasn't yet. However, when I messaged her on Facebook (easier method for use to message each other), it said she was online but no response.

I'm sure she just got busy when she got home or maybe took a nap but I'm still a little worried. Would it be unfair of me to ask her to give me a heads up when she becomes busy with something? I always do this for her and she appreciates it a lot especially since she gets worried when I don't reply to her texts for a while so I'd like a similar "treatment".

And before anyone jumps to conclusions, I am not clingy. She isn't either. We have our separate lives and whatnot but we stress on communication in relationships which is why I asked for y'all's opinions. Thanks!


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  • It'd be OK to ask her to let you know if something comes up, it was we idea to text each other when you got home safe anyway and it'd stop either of you worrying if it didn't happen


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