Why would she act this way?

last year I graduated hs. When I was a junior I had a crush on this really hot freshman who thought I was cute and flirted with me ( although she flirted with a lot of guys). She was really popular too. Anyways I chose to be a wimp and admit over text I liked her. Looking back on this that is what made me get rejected. Fast forward to my senioar year and I get a girlfriend. I've been dating her for a year now and everything's going well. Just the other day they got cofee together and somehow my girlfriend heard there was a rumor that we slept together. I didn't even know about this rumor until my girlfriend told me. She seemed threatened by this other girl because she was pretty but it didn't make sense to me because she rejected me years ago, she also told me she was wondering how i was doing? There was only probably 3 people max that new I had a crush on her ( including me and her, the other person was a friend) I played varsity basketball my senior year and was fairly well known. She is a nice person so I doubt she would start this rumor but if she were to do so why do you think she would do it? I haven't talked with her in months. To boost popularity? To destroy my relationship? Because she wishes she slept with me when she had the chance now that I have a girlfriend? I'm pretty sure people thought she slept with a lot of people but I think I remember her saying she was a virgin.
  • she wants to sleep with you
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  • she wants to boost popularity
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  • she wants to ruin my relationship
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  • her friend started the rumor and it slowly developed over these years
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  • other (please explain below)
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  • she wants to sleep


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