Hiding my personality from his parents?

So my boyfriend's family and my family are very different. My family is more open, honest, and can take criticism. His family is very nice, but keep opinions to themselves and only say the.."nice" things.
Because of this, I am unable to show my true personality with them. Even when he is honest with them over small things, they become very upset at him and guilt him over what he has said.
He even told me recently (because although I a was raised Catholic, I choose not to be religious/believe in God), that he never wants his family to know I don't believe and agrees they wouldn't like my personality.
It dawns on me how annoying that is that he wants me to be fake and never be my true self around them, when "they only would visit us a few times a year."
What do you think about this situation?
Any opinions would be helpful!
  • It's ok that he wants you to be fake for his family so that they like you.
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  • It's not ok that he wants you to hide yourself so that they will like you.
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What Guys Said 1

  • My family is stupid and cold in ways. They don't talk about real problems because they got all these little delusions about their social/family life that're really important to them. We never talk about real interpersonal issues, don't talk about life problems, if someone ignores you you're supposed to pretend the last thing you said/did never happened. Obviously only agree ("okay", "I understand" work) if they say things that are life choices like religion or politics or income. Don't expect them to have any sort of real input on your life or perspectives.

    At least your boyfriend made it out of that family life as a good person.


What Girls Said 1

  • I would fake my personaility just so the parents wouldn't try to bother us!


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