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okay, so there's a guy in PA, and we like eachother but there's a huge gap in distance and he says that we can be together, if were patient and wait a couple years. But i feel strongly, that eventually his feelings for me will change, as he changes. 😒 and that is why im worrying. And also, we can date other people and I don't know it doesn't feel right,, or real to me. I dont wanna date other people! But he does.. And he says its okay since were in high school and that we can have our fun now and be together later, we can just keep talking as "friends" until he can come here. he's 16 and im 15. And i dont know how to keep this going for 2 years but if it works good for us.. I would be happy because i really like him.
He also wrote me this super cute poem for my birthday and all my friends think its really sweet and that our plan will work out.. But I don't know because when he dates other girls im going to be hurt and he will constantly tell me not to worry about it cause he going to end up with me anyways. I know that we shouldn't date if were planning om ending up with them but were doing this despite that, and im not going to date anyone else because it will feel wrong to.. Because of the situation
If were not planning on ending up with them**


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  • It kind of sounds like he's not really interested in building a long term relationship with you? If he wants to date other people, that's one thing (poly? open? whatever. they can work for some people). But if he doesn't want to invest effort in seeing you, or you don't want your emotions tied up in a guy seeing other women, then this is not a relationship for you.


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