Gift ideas to get my boyfriend of a month and a half for Christmas?

I just started dating my boyfriend on Halloween, so by the time Christmas comes we will have been dating for about a month and a half. I don't know what to get him. I don't want to get something too sentimental since it is a new relationship, but I don't want to get him something too generic either. This relationship isn't like most of my other ones. Things are just natural and I don't have to pretend or try to hard with him. Its nice, and I care about him a lot.

We are both in university and are 20. He is really involved with our campus and is good with computers. I want to get something special, but not too special since it is a new relationship. I have tried asking his friends and roommates but they have not been all that helpful. I was thinking about getting a few smaller things instead of one big thing.


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  • I wouldn't get anything just yet, it's a bit soon. At most, bake him something, and if you can't bake, have someone help you with it

    • I am an amazing baker. We have already talked about this and we both agreed we wanted to do Christmas gifts.

    • It's a little early, I'm telling ya, ur getting in over your heads, trust me on this

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  • A really nice watch

    • I don't really think he is much of a watch person. I have never seen him wear one.

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    • You can cook for him :D

    • I just gave myself food poisoning, I don't think he wants me to cook for him.

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  • Maybe get him a sweatshirt of his favorite team or something


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  • maybe get him a Xbox or a ps4 and get him a game to go with it


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