Girls, Girl I love with WRONG GUY. What do I do?

About 8 years ago I met a girl online (now hold on a second, it's not as bad as it sounds) We were awesome with each other and after a couple years started E-Dating. At the time we were both 14 (once again hold on. I know love at 14 is eye rolling) but I was obsessed with this girl. I couldn't meet her in person because of age and embarrassment to tell my parents I was E-Dating. She lived a few states and we talked everyday for hours for a little over a year, and she would tell me she loved me everyday even though like I said, love at that age isn't real usually. Our sources of communication were Facebook, Online games, and she even bought an Xbox to talk with me. Long story short, all hell broke loose on my end in real life, and we lost complete contact. It was overnight literally. I wasn't able to even contact her. a year goes by but by that time I already missed her and replaced her to try and bury it. One of my real friends I've known since 3rd grade, now in our junior year in high school, told me he was dating her. I didn't know how to react since he was a longtime friend and I was in a new relationship. A another year goes by and my girl and I start having relationship problems.. Non-Stop. It was obviously going to end soon. Well how convenient since I was able to get in contact with the girl I used to love. We started talking on kik in a group chat with one of our old gaming friends. She starts telling me that my friend is cheating on her and is doing things she doesn't like, my girlfriend is cheating on me and doing things I don't like. So here I am, talking to the only girl I've ever loved, and we are having relationship problems. Skip ahead, we've been talking on kik now for a just over a year, I started to remember how fun it was talking to her... It seems everything I like, she likes, everything I hate, she hates, our opinions on a lot of things are the same. She's so compatible but she's still with my friend. Even after he cheated on her... Since we're older
now her and my friend have been able to meet in real life, something we couldn't do at the time. He is so immature it's unreal. He's 18 and to give an example of how ridiculous he is, she told me that he started bitching and whining and wouldn't talk to her because she killed his cows on minecraft. What the fuck? That's beyond childish! She is 19 and going to college, has a job, and is being an adult. Meanwhile he is still playing Xbox all day and doesn't do anything.
He is so wrong for her. He does nothing she likes yet she still loves him? Why? This drives me insane because I STILL LOVE HER. She's so pretty and mature, has her future planned out, but dates a kid. I don't know what to do. I almost want to tell her how I fell but I respect relationship boundaries. She's taken, and I don't want to make her life more complicated. Help me.


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  • You can't make someone want to be with you. I don't think that she wants to be with you. You might think you're perfect together, but unless you agree on that, it doesn't matter.


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