Does he like me?

I've been friends with benefits with this guy for 5, almost 6 months now. We live an hour away from each other and see each over every weekend. I have a daughter so it's usually whenever I am free.
He always drives to me and picks me up, takes me home, pays for food and drinks for me when we go out, we hangout like go shopping or get breakfast or lunch and he always pays, we speak every day from the moment we wake up until we fall asleep, he spoons me after sex, kisses me, kisses my forehead, calls me baby during sex (started doing that about 2 months ago).
We are listed as a couple on a swinging site. We seek couples and girls for fun. Haven't done it yet just spoken to others and the other day he found a girl for us to have a three some with. He asked me if I didn't mind if he met up with her as she said she wanted to meet him first for a drink. I said yeah go for it and his response was 'just thought I'd ask, I didn't want to be a dick, I really like having you around and don't want to screw things up'.
Recently for his birthday I got him a birthday present and as mine is coming up he said he would do something special for me. Does this sound like he likes me?
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  • why don't you ask him if you two can be exclusive?


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