Giving up. Guy friend won't tell me what's wrong?

Met this guy we Ben friends for 2 years we share and talk about anything including our relationships. Anyway my long term relationship ended and did to. We went out the chemistry between us was noticed by our friends and everyone thought we finally started dating. Magical night. No sex or anything just good vibes t. I'm a adult and know we will both need time to heal from our past before jumping into things. So I was just happy for a new phase of our friendship. A few days later he became distant, I found out he got back with his ex, which is fine everyone goes through that phase and he know I wouldn't judge him. Anyway we haven't talked in 3 months see him all the time but he just looks sad. I pulled him aside and asked what's up why you seem distant is there something I did. He gave a generic excuse just busy. ~ he likes everything i post social media~ I m kind of confused and I have been really patient not crowding his space or anything

maybe be the friendship is over? Not going to lie I miss him. Starting to accept it for what it is?


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  • Maybe he just needs to deal with it himself


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