Acceptable reason to cancel a date?

What are acceptable reasons to cancel a date?

What would you consider a blow off reason/scenario?


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  • I cancelled a date one time because I got my period and didn't feel well but we'd been dating a while and he ended up bringing me Pho instead.

    • What if the person said it was due to work, seemed upset they couldn't make it but made no counter offer?

    • I would assume it's because you just weren't feeling it for whatever reason and move on. It is still kind of rude but whatever. If I have a date scheduled with someone but have decided I'm probably going to pursue a relationship with someone else I've just met I still go on the date to be polite but I keep it short and friendly then at the end of the date tell them it was nice meeting them so they know I don't want to take it any further. Depending on the circumstances I may tell they guy in seeing that I have a date scheduled and am keeping it to be polite but don't plan on seeing anyone else after that.

    • So for this case, she was the one that planned the date, she apparently had to work early the next day - she had very heavily pursued me about this for a few days and told me I can tell her my availability any time and that she's really excited because it will be such a good time. When I tried to solidify our plans, she said she had to work the next day, but still kept asking if I would be there but then by the end of it she flaked out saying because of work she doesn't think she can go (her date idea was an event that didn't end till early the next morning) but again she made no counter offer despite the fact she seemed to an extent genuinely upset that she couldn't make it

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  • I guess a change of plans , such as work hours changed suddenly or something serious came up that needed attention. like I wouldn't want to go on a date with someone who had the flu or was too sick to be out in public.

    • Okay you mention work hours changed, what if that happened and they seem sorry (although they don't directly say sorry) but they don't give an alternative time?

    • you could always suggest another time and see what they say? I'd say there is still a chance to hang out with this person but I wouldn't keep trying if they keep cancelling each attempt

    • Well oddly enough it was a date she suggested and chased me up on then when I was able to confirm details from my end she told me she's working the next day though and then found out she's working really early the next day so she doesn't think she can come

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  • you can't or simply don't want to go anymore

    • What about work early the next day?

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    • yea as in acceptable?

      Also despite fact she seemed genuinely upset she couldn't make it she didn't counter offer - bear in mind this was her date that she suggested and invited me on

    • instead of trying to read into it. just ask her on another date. if she gives an excuse, write her off

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