Confused on what guy to be with?

I'am sort of dating this guy but I've been still thinking about my ex lately.. I don't know why because my ex most of the time I was miserable and very unhappy with him.. why should I feel bad for him now even though I really like the new guy I'm with.. my new guy said he wants me to block him but I don't want to do that


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  • If you go back to your ex, you will rediscover the reasons why you broke up, but it won't take as long the second time. However, if you still have those feelings for your ex, you are being unfair by dating the new guy; he doesn't have a chance, does he?

    • he does I really like this new guy but I don't know why I miss my ex when he didn't treat me right really but now he's trying hard to get me back cause he knows I moved on

    • sending flowers to my house and everything

What Girls Said 1

  • It seems like you aren't over your ex yet... that is why you are still thinking of him. If you were over him completely you wouldn't be feeling this way.


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