Please I need advice, what should I do?

i worked with a guy for a year, and out of the blue we clicked and because like best friends, we spent most of our days together and things were amazing, we because so close for almost 5 months, i met his family who he respects more than anyone so he wouldn’t just take any girl home and he met mine down in south wales, but 2 months ago i miscarried, without realising i was pregnant... things from there went awful i distanced myself as he did and we couldn’t get along and we argue more than ever.. he's deleted me off everything saying im doing stuff to make him jealous and its really bad... im in love with him and dont want life without him... but why is he so angry with me? i haven’t done anything with any other guy... but he is very very insecure and finds it hard to trust, he also never told me he loved me... but by the way he protected me and cared for me i knew he did to a certain level... would he still have feelings for me 2 months down the line?

  • leave him dont look back
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  • Look sweety... jealousness is good when it is done in a limit...
    If he doubted u... he should have told u that he doesn't like u talking to other guys... that would be appropriate...
    but if he stopped altogether... thats not cool...
    u should talk to him once... explain him that u dint do anything... if he accepts its fine otherwise tell him to buzz off... u will many other guys...
    According to me - he is a clingy guy... who wants u all to himself... he is so insecure that some other guy will come and take u away from him...
    from my experience - just leave this douchebag coz u dont want to live ur life in a prison... leave this guy...


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