Dating to Relationship?

So I've been on a date with this girl I met about a week ago we gone on a about 2 dates so far and we are going on another date on Wednesday, I can tell she likes me a lot and I really like her to. Her personality, is amazing we have lots in common, and I want to move on to the next step into a relationship, I just don't really know what to say to start off a good relationship. like of course I could say "so I was wondering if you wanted to move into a relationship together" it sounds very plain and I really would just want some help on what to say.

Update* so yea today we were going to go on a date, but yesterday she hurt her self snow boarding , and she's p*ssed that she can't board for the rest of the season, so I said to her that we can cancel today's date and do another one sometime, ->
was this a good idea? but yea we talk and she's not feeling very well and everything so I think that was the best thing that I could do, were going to go see a movie on Saturday so hopefully it still works out..


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  • Three dates into relationship status seems pretty quick to me but if you're sure I would skirt the issue first by asking if she's seeing other people and when she inevitably asks if you are then you can flirtatiously say something like "not at all, I'm not interested in seeing anyone but you" and then judge her reaction... it should be an easy transition from there.


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