Met online now dating casually. How long should it take for him to pick up the pace with me?


just to to give you a background:

I met a a guy online 6 weeks ago, been going out 5 weeks..

We have met up most weekends (apart from this one) he calls me pretty much most nights freely. But he has just came out of a long term rel a few months ago (he ended it, there was some control issues I believe) so I think he's guarded / taking time to re adjust to being "single" or not in an actual relationship..

we we do talk most days bar a couple where he can go a bit missing in action which is a bit confusing. I don't chase him. Just let him call / text. I am aware of this feeling full on too soon.

cutting to the chase - I have little clue as to where I stand past this "casual dating" is he seeing anyone else? Is he ready? Would he say? Should I say? (In a nice way) what he is feeling?

Id be upset but I'd rather know especially close to Christmas.. He likes me says he can't wait to meet me again etc but this week hasn't backed it up.. I have the idea of giving him 10 days from now to set up.. Or say bye.

Any ideas?

Thanks guys & girls xx


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  • At least 4 months


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