Do long birthday texts work with guys?

So it's my guy best friend's birthday, i have a crush on him, and we kind of dated long ago. Now we're really flirty and really really close, we text non stop. we flew to new york twice to get to see each other because we both went away for college. So i get so nervous on the phone that i decided to write him a long sincere note or text to tell him how amazing he is. Is this even a good idea, do guys appereciate that?

there's something, my birthday was a week ago and he texted me all day without even mentioning a happy birthday. He usually does that and when i got mad before about it he said he just doesn't think its important and he forgets to even wish his family members a happy birthday.


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  • Lol yeah we suck at keeping track of dates. Thank God for Facebook reminders lol though he should have wished u

    • Yea thats the thing facebook probably sent him so it weird

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    • So should i like make an effort and get him something and like wish him a happy birthday or just ignore it? I dont want to seem clingy

    • He's a jerk but you aren't so wish him
      No gifts though

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  • I would be extremely elated if I got a text like that. But I'm not a guy, so...


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