If you had to be super picky what girl/guy would you want?

I feel like no one knows what they want because they fear making anyone feel bad. Yet, knowing exactly what you want really does bring it to you. imagining a super crowd of people disappearing into a handful and yet just that handful is what you wanted all along. Even if you don't answer... think about answering in your own head. It will feel realy wrong and you'll feel a lot of resistance beause you've been trained to accept everything and that wanting specifics is wrong and makes you a bad person but it really can be insightful and again this is what it takes to actually get what you want (being able to see it crystal clear). oh, and don't think about it just answer each one within one second:

hair color
political party
body shape
pda yay or nay
biggest personality feature: i. e goofy, smart, charismatic, dorky, ambitious

-hourglass body

obviously what people want changes everyday but i'm curious what you want at this moment...


Most Helpful Girl

  • - Hair color: black or brown
    - Political party: I don't really care tbh
    - Body shape: fit but not overly muscular. Am fine with some chub as well.
    - Extrovert with some introvert tendencies
    - some yes, but not obnoxious borderline sex pda
    - Goofy

    • sure you don't have a preference with body type?

    • Not really. I don't want someone super skinny and I don't want someone overly obese but that's about it. Someone with a bodybuilder physique is a turnoff as well.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I'd want coal black hair. Or dark brown.

    Political standing is a non issue. As long as not overly religious or too liberal. If she's a little politically incorrect then it's perfect.

    I dunno. Your standard female build. Not fat and not stick thin.

    Introvert hands down. I don't wanna handle an extrivert but if she's somehow fine with me not being as social and extroverted as she is then ok, I guess I could be with an extrovert. But last I heard extroverted women don't like introverted men.

    The hell is a pda?

    biggest personality feature: kind and trustworthy.


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What Girls Said 4

  • - not important, but I would like it long
    - rather none - don't mess with politics, but be informed
    - the good one: chubby/muscly or swimmer's body
    - introvert
    - nay
    - funny

  • Brown hair
    Pear for women, I guess just average to skinny for guys
    To an extent

  • Light brown hair (or dark blonde)
    Politics don't phase me too much
    Nah not a fan
    Funny/fun to be with

  • Sorry but if it's one thing that I've learned is to not expect my fantasies to becomr reality and wanting such specific things is very unreasonable and impractical. There are a few key features I want my boyfriend to have that are non negotiable but those are all personality traits.

    • not true at all. i was thinking about it and everything i've ever gotten that was hard to get i got because i specifically knew i wanted it and took steps towards it. it sounds stupid and corny but honestly knowing the guys you really want will get you them and then maybe once you have them you'll decide you don't really want them anymore but at least you'll have gotten them

What Guys Said 1

  • It's rare that you ask a question lol. Usually you post takes.

    I think most people have general preferences they want. Plenty of people post it on here.

    As far as my answer I really struggle with this, because I used to have different phases of types I like and now I don't. It doesn't change anymore. My preferences are extremely open so I'm sorry if this isn't the answer you want. Anyway, here we go.

    -Hair color: Any (including unnatural)
    -Political party: I prefer someone who isn't strictly any political party and like me just wants the best candidate. Feminist or not it don't matter.
    -Body shape: Most shapes are fine.
    -Introvert/extrovert: Don't care.
    -PDA: What's that?
    -Biggest personality feature: inner strength as a female is very attractive to me.

    Alright there you have it. You like white girls mostly huh?

    • lol i want to try it out. it feels more interactive which is more fun though probably less helpful to the community.

      lol you piss me off with this question and you knew you would. I want you to be SPECIFIC i want you to break past that political correctness you've internalized and tell me what you really want. i know some people will judge you but that shouldn't matter to you. all that should matter to you is what you want i for one want you to have what you really want

    • Yeah.

      Political correctness? I'm not being politically correct. I told you my preferences are wide open. People usually judge me for liking most types of girls as opposed to liking specific things... like you're doing now.

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