What if she didn't get my text?

This girl i've been seeing has been on two dates with me but is still initiating contact, etc so I can assume she's interested. Last night she sent me three texts in a row, the first was saying she is free on Sunday, the second was at midnight with her sending me a jokey comment.

I got to work at 12 today to check if I'd be off Sunday for the date. My reply was "Didn't have you down as the naughty type... I'm off tomorrow so i'll see you at 7 at the same place". Weirdly enough as it was sending the text, she sent another saying "Morning!!!", so i'm not sure she might have seen it and she might have turned her phone right as it sent. Both messages had the same timestamp of "12:17".

It's gone over 10 hours since and no response, leading me to believe she might have missed it or not received.

Should I wait until the morning of our date (tomorrow) and text her "see you tonight" to see if she did get it? Don't want her thinking I ignored her when I wasn't, that it could be a technical error


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  • she must be busy


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