Too soon to ask out?

I see a girl weekly at uni as a part of a society we help run. Been speaking about work related things for a couple weeks... Had a flirt and some good banter last time we met - first opportunity to really chat. Would love to get to know her better but feel as if a message out the blue would scare her off, and if I asked her out for a coffee would be too forward. Maybe I'm being too precautions - let me know what you think I should do next, I really like her and running out of time as we break up for Christmas soon.
thanks in advance :)


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  • No, it's not too soon. You've introduced yourself, you got a positive response, might as well ask her instead of waste more time being friendly. Step up and express what you want.

  • You should totally go for it if you're into her. Girls love coffee and surprises. You might just make her day ;) and if not, you're not going to see her for a while so you've really got nothing to lose. Good luck bro!!


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