LDR or School Guy?

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I have been in a long distance relationship since early July with someone i met online, we video chat (very occasionally), and have even met once, and i was so madly in love it was incomprehensible to me as he was my first 'boyfriend'. Then back in September, when my school year started again, i joined a different course to what i had previously done, so was with a whole new class and a completely different group of people. As a generally shy and anxious person who struggles to make new friends, i was alone (didnt mind, had spent the previous year with no friends too) until mid October when i started talking to one of the guys on my course. At first it was the usual chit chat, 'how are you' etc etc and talks about what the work was. As i was in a relationship at the time, i thought of him as no more than a friend. Until recently (a couple of weeks ago), in which we started talking more, started sitting next to each other in some lessons etc, and generally getting on a lot better, that i started thinking of him as someone who i potentially liked in a 'more than a friend' way. Problem is, i am currently in a relationship, except i have no idea how i should go about breaking up with him, or if i should at all seeing as i have no idea if my college friend likes me back the same way or not, and also the fact that my current boyfriend still really likes me even though i no longer see him as any more than a really good friend.

I know its confusing, im confused myself about whether or not i should break up with my boyfriend to pursue someone who idek if they like me back.

Thanks for reading this bs


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  • Have you even met the online guy?

    • Yes i said that in the first sentence.

    • Ah, once. It's not really a relationship if you don't see each other regularly or share experiences, you only have an idea of who each other are, you don't really know each other, you just like the idea of having an agreement to be in a relationship. But you shouldn't sacrifice real interaction, with your friends and the people where you are, for a online relationship.

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  • Go with the school guy.

  • Tl;dr. Always anything over LDR.


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