I'm meeting my ex boyfriend soon. Advices on how to behave, how to look, what to say?

My ex and I ended it (after one year three months) because of distance. He was the one to say that he could not keep on with the LDR thing, which I understood, though I would have liked us to continue anyway. He said that he still loved me, and for a while after the breakup he said that it was very difficult.
We somehow managed to make the rupture clean and are on good terms, texting and asking for news every two or three weeks, where he gave hints that he still cared. Now, after 4 months not seeing each other, we've agreed to meet in two weeks and have a café or something together. I must admit that I'd very much like us to gave our relationship a new start. Do you have any advice on how to behave and look? Natural, seducing... ? (I don't want him to believe that I'm desperate but I would not mind him thinking that I'm hotter than before x) )

Thanks for any advice !!
The meeting is tomorrow and I'm starting to freak out ^^ should I be straightforward and say that I still have feelings for him? If yes should I do that at the beginning of the end of the meeting? Or should i hide my feelings deep inside of me and act as just friend?
I'm afraid of loosing him as a friend by telling him the truth, but if I have the littlest chance of us getting back together I don't want to waist it...
Thanks !


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  • Try to look natural, go there to talk and act normally, the way you always did.


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  • Just be yourself. Anything different will come across as fake and possibly desperate. Be friendly, warm, complementary but don't change your vibe, appearance but wear something you feel confident in. Good luck❤️


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  • Since you guys dated before already, I vote for seducing... if you do get him, you'll easily be able to put him back in the sack.

  • Don't say anything

    • Ahah because I'll kill my chance the minute I start talking? x) Could be true, I heard boys did not like too much chatterboxes ^^

    • Depends what you say... chatterboxes can be good if they're not dull

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