Girl I dated is being cold, or am I paranoid?

I talked to this girl for a while and she kept pushing to meet up, she seemed really cool and keen, in fact she asked me out twice, and drunk texted me. We went on a date and it was really fun, we kissed and she asked me out again.
The next day she called me cute over text and I accepted the compliment, but didn't return it because I am awkward. Eventually she didn't reply. When I messaged her earlier today it took ages to get a reply, she is replying to my messages but she's using a lot of "..." and is being very sarcastic with me. Is she mad, or am I being paranoid?
She warmed up eventually after a compliment and some flirting, but she's still acting uninterested so I think I lost this one.


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  • She complimented you, you didn't respond in a flirty way? Her ego was bruised, yes, that happens to women too. Maybe give her a nice compliment? She might be confused about what you want with her.

    • I know I should have, I just didn't think it would warrant a complete personality change. I have called her cute before so I don't really get this reaction. "That happens to women too" ha I know, I am a woman.

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  • She thinks u rnt interested
    U need to show her that u r into her


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