Whats wrong here? Please help!

I'm starting to see a new guy things were going great we hooked-up he would invite me to chill almost every day we would cuddle and he always told me how much he liked me. Then all of a sudden now he doesn't want to hang out as much he doesn't flirt with me like he used to it was a weird sudden change. It completely happened over night. Guys? What could have made this happen?


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  • Maybe he just lost interest in you. Maybe he found someone else. Maybe he's just been tired or busy. Regardless, I think you should talk to him about it and ask him what's going on. Sometimes guys really don't like talking about what is going on in their lives, but I guess you still gotta try.

  • Cold feet:

    He might be jumping between two girls,like shop around, something happened.

    And he is going for the other girl. However if things get bad on the other side he will come back to you.

    Be ready!


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