Can I trust my boyfriend?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 7 months. I'm kinda insecure because of a previous relationship and noticed that my boyfriends stares at other girls boobs and butts a lot in public. I brought it up a few times and every time he'd insist I was just seeing things. Months later and we had a really big heart to heart where I asked him to be honest about it and whether he thinks about fucking other girls a lot. He finally admitted that he does think about it sometimes when we are out together. He said he didn't tell me to save my feelings but I feel betrayed and that I've been lied to. I'm finding it very difficult to trust him now and I've become very paranoid. Starting to think I need a break from relationships? Should I trust him?


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  • I think men do have those thoughts, but it's like for a split second. It's not like he wants to. It's just a visual thing that disappears as soon as he looks away. I bet he doesn't keep thinking about it.

    It's visual, he can't close his eyes afterall, and the thought might come to mind as an animal reflex, which he obviously chooses to ignore. He is still with you afterall, isn't he?


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