Should I be mad?

Should i be mad?

I sent a guy friend this text and i got a "thank you so much reply that so sweet of you" reply. Seriously thats all you got to say? I feel dumb
Am i overreacting?


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  • Lmao. He likely laughed his ass right off reading that and didn't reply much because he was banging some hot chic. Ever think of that. ? Maybe he has a life?
    That text was a little desperate and childish sounding so yea. He's laughing his face right off thinking wtf? Chill

    • Dude he is my best friend and we are both seeing other people so i wouldn't mind if he was banging some other chick! He means a lot to me and i wanted to show him that.

    • Awww ok.
      So quit crying he didn't write a song and a book reply

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  • You said he doesn't really care about birthdays, that's probably why. Don't worry about it. It's a hard text to reply to too.


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  • Don't feel dumb. It's beautiful!!
    I'm sure he just got speechless, and couldn't come up with a speech of the same level.

    • I just being nice because he means so much to me! I didn't want to sound desperate or something

    • I was just*

    • I never said it sounded desperate. It only would if you were declaring your love for him as a man, which you're clearly not, since you are just close friends.

      Sometimes people are like that. You write a full on speech, and they answer with yes or no, or a very short sentence. We never know if it meant a lot to them, and they just didn't know how to word the answer and they overthink those words in their heads at night, or if they just read it and didn't really cared about it. I like to think it has to have some impact on another person's life. I know it would have on mine.

  • What else is he supposed to say? You wrote him a novel.

    • I don't know. Anything more than just thank you? Exactly! I took time to write this and effort in it and he is just like thanks!

    • But no you shouldn't be mad

    • Okay

  • Chill the fuck out, weirdo. WTF did you want him to say? Get over yourself.

    • There's no need to be rude! I expected more. Thanks for your opinion anyway

    • "I expected more" <--- and that's exactly the problem. Not only having expectations of other people, but having unrealistic ones, too.

      And It isn't about YOU. It's his birthday, for Christ's sake. He's supposed to give you a golden-laced gift of unicorns and rainbows just because you said "happy birthday"? Grow up.

    • Haha chill a bit? Jesus someone's overreacting more than i ever do!

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