How can I stop developing feelings for girls?

Wen dating them that is. They generally (well always) lose interest in me sooner or later yet I seem to develop feelings for most of them within a month or so, how can I stay more detached until I meet a girl who has feelings for me?
Anyone else have an opinion?
Any one else have any advice?


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  • Think of her as someone you just want to have fun with. Dont make her anything more or less. She is just some girl who i want to have fun with for a little while then we will go our separate ways.

    • I try doing that, just treating her like a new friend but it doesn't work.

    • Sorry but thats the only thing i could say as thats how i do it. Oh well, someoe will come up with a good answer.

    • We'll see, no one else have answered at this stage...

  • Why would you want to stop developing feelings, that's silly

    • Did you read the detail?

      Stop developing feelings for girls when they don't have feelings for me yet (and probably won't) I want to be able to avoid getting feelings unless the girl has feelings for me.

    • Generally, they already do. They are waiting for you to make your move

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