Girls, How to reschedule?

At Saturday school today it starts at 7:00am and I got there at 7:10 and the door was locked and the detention lady told me I have to reschedule it and gave me a referral. But it says must serve an additional detention also. That doesn't mean another additional Saturday school after the one next week right? Im willing to go but prefer not to lol


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  • I would assume having to serve an additional detention means you have to go to one to make up for what you missed, but then go to another one because you didn't attend the first one when you were supposed to. Sucks, dude :/

    • So pretty much you mean even after the one next week I would go again? This sucks. 5 hours each. The lady was like I have a surprise for you when I was late. But is that what you mean?

    • Yeah, that's what I mean. It sounds to me like you'll need to do two detentions now.

    • Oh wow. She said I would get another referral Monday. I asked if she could give me a break but she couldn't. There 6 hour each. So should I just honestly accept the consequences. I know I shouldn't of been late but still. But she said the discipline lady will give me my other referral but She wrote me a separate one there though. but I said I will be here on time ready to serve. But at least I may get out early

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