How to let a guy who is really into you down easy?

So I have been dating these two guys for the past couple of weeks. One of them is really into me and texts me all the time and calls me and keeps making all these plans. Everytime I come to somehow break things off with him it doesn't work and we just end up talking all day.

What do I say to him?


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  • Be kind and 100% respectful the term "your very sweet." is a common phrase and explain that ether you need to set boundaries. Or that you are moving on. Just remember though to be a kind and sweet if he's being nice. Cause getting shot down hurts as bad for guys as it does for girls and some times its a worse effect for guys than for girls. Less the hair pulling and finger nail yanking. And more the loss of intrest in their own hobbies and they may pick up something like weight training where they can get into a rhythm and forget about life. (The latter happened to me.) But please just make sure you plan out what you say and read it and practice it to make sure it comes with as little sharp edges as possible.

  • I would just tell him the truth. Keep it simple and to the point.

    • Hey I have been dating someone else and i like him more would be what i would say lol and that sounds horrible helpp

    • just tell him that you are not really seeing a future with him, so you're letting him go so he can find someone who will be as into him as he is into her.

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