Guys, do you like to date girls who speak vulgarities?

Vulgarities are very common among people nowadays. Now girls are also speaking vulgarities. I know some of your guys have mixed gender cliques who speaks vulgarities, be it male or female. You guys are just friends among each other, so i believe that most of you wouldn't mind your female friends speaking vulgarities. However, do you mind if you want to date a girl who speaks vulgarities?
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What Guys Said 2

  • I would if she can play it off and just make fun of herself and smile and not let it bother her too much.

    • but if she accidentally said vulgagrities to your parents what will happen? HAHAHA

    • knowing my mom probably both would start swearing and joking drunk cause im likely to end up dating a cougar lol. and my dad would probably just leave the room lol. Id just sit there laughing with my mom and girlfriend.

    • Although im pretty sure she would get sick of me pinching her cheek or poking her nose if she is getting too crazy. But id be more than happy to make up for it with as much attention and love as she wants.

  • I think it can be funny and sexy


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