Is it a good sign if a guy texts when he's on a night out with his friends?

So i have been "seeing" this guy for 2 months and we message regularly especially goodnight. But the other day he was going out for a friends birthday and messaged that his phone was running low on battery and would probably die so i texted back that i hoped he would have a good night and that we would talk tomorrow. Then around 1.00 am he messaged me saying that he had been at so so place and that he was heading home and was hoping I had a good night as well...

Now the things that gets me... is that i feel like that his messaging in that way is a very "boyfriend" move and wonder if it is actually normal? I mean there was no need for him to message at all so i find it strange...

So my question is how normal is it to message a girl you are seeing whilst your with your friends... and if you do does that mean that you are getting serious about her? The reason I ask is that he is a real "guy" guy so he doesn't really express his feelings...


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  • Very good sign. One of the most annoying things for the guys to deal with on a guys night out is having to contact the girls. Or wait around for that one guy who can't go 4 hours without texting her. Guys think of this as being "pussy-whipped"! So guys in general do not text. The late text was him showing you he is ok, where he is so you know and don't worry. It means he is thinking of you and cares about you. Yes, very good boyfriend move!


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  • I guess you could read it as he likes you or his parents taught him properly as far as how to treat ladies. which means he responded out of kindness cause its what he does and its like major cliff hanger anyways to leave it at just you saying night.


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