Meeting someone you met online?

Advice for how to stay safe when meeting someone in person that you met online? Aside from the usual meet them in a public place. What can I do to avoid stupid mistakes and not end up locked in someone's basement. :)
Also, at what point do you finally make the jump and know it's ok to go to their place or whatever. I'm just trying to be cautious.


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  • i think just the basic stuff. meeting in a public, busy place would be best. then, obviously not having him pick you up, so he doesn't have your address. if you're really paranoid, make sure he doesn't see your car lol. i wouldn't suggest having a friend follow you guys. because, if i was the guy, and somehow found out about that, i would feel almost offended! at least, i would think 'whats the point? she clearly doesn't trust me at all'
    other then that just go with your instinct and use common sense!


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  • Tell a friend/family member where you are, meet them with a friend or a couple of them and hang out as a group, don't get into a car with them, give a friend/family member their name and phone number.

    I would suggest video chatting with this person if you already haven't so you can know they are honest about their identity. Don't tell this person where you live, where you work or go to school. And of course, stay in open public places! And if you have a bad feeling, follow your gut instinct and end the meeting and leave.


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  • Ask a friend to tail you guys and tell the friend or family member like sibling to stay a reasonable distance apart and dont drink on the date. (0% alcohol of any kind you need to keep your head.) Play it smart for the first date. Online dating can be risky and dangerous. Best of luck.


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  • Well if I were you I would meet them like in the airport or at the mall? If he/she looked scary I would run away! hahah But thats me... once I get passed the week of begin around that person!

  • Carry a gun


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