Is it wrong for me to feel insecure dating a guy who is rich?

I had a crush on this guy for a while now. He's hilarious and kind and more gorgeous than anyone I've ever laid eyes on. I've actually never felt that fluttering in the stomach or chest until him. He asked me out on a date and I said yes. I didn't know much about him at that point. I was working at a restaurant bar and he's been coming in a lot. Sometimes with his friends sometimes alone. But when he picked me up at my apartment he picked me up in a Ferrari F12berlinetta. That he just recently got. I got in and right away I start questioning myself. Asking myself should I say nice car because my God it's hot. Or will that make me look bad. I wanted to know how he could afford it. Most 22 year olds can't. Even if he's making payments that would be big money. So he commented on me being quite. I apologized and shook it off. The restaurant he took me to was fancy. I didn't feel like I dressed up enough compared to the other women there. He told me to wear a dress. I did but it was a sweater dress. He looked me over when he came to my door. He told me I look "perfect". But I felt so far from that once we were at the restaurant. Everyone was nice I didn't get funny looks or anything but I still felt strange there. We got to talking and he told me he's been wanting to ask me out for weeks but until recently he couldn't tell if I was into him. I honestly don't know how he saw much difference than I was a week ago but I'm happy he asked me out.
I grew up with barely any money. Parents living pay check to pay check. In fact that's kinda how I'm living now. A little better but not much. I work 2 jobs. God I like him so much he's incredible to be around but I don't know how to ease up over the money. I feel like in my case fortune holder and penny counter won't mesh. He asked me to a party at his parents and you can just guess the "house" he grew up in. Once again everyone was nice maybe seemed a little awkward around me but nice. He danced with me...
I had a lot of fun but introductions made me uncomfortable. I feel like I need to have money as well. The kind of money it looks like they have makes me think they will find out my jobs and right away think I'm dead weight. And at this point in my life I probably would always be compared to their money no matter how much money I make one day. Maybe they'll think I'm a gold digging tramp.
I have sort of talked to him. He asked me if I was okay when he was driving me home.
Because I was quite and thinking. I said yes, admittedly hesitant. He nodded but didn't say anything. When we got to my apartment he turned off the car and grabbed my hand intertwining our fingers. He pulled me closer to him and said "something's wrong, you're not okay but we'll get to that after." I didn't know what he meant by after. But then he kissed me. A really good kiss. The greatest. Lol
When we stopped he asked me again what my problem was and after the kiss I felt like nothing was
I've talked to him about it all and he told me he wants me to not think about the money he will be careful about how much it's in my face. I told him I want some simple laid back dates. If we go out to eat I need to be able to find a meal under $60. Sometimes I'd like to pay. Lol all this I said nicely I didn't demand anything I just told him my thoughts and he asked how he could make me feel better. He is definitely an incredible guy. Tonight he told me he feels very strongly about me. =D


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  • as your guy friend on here i will first translate his phrase:"you look perfect" aka I'm going to have a really difficult time not staring at you. Sure you looked way less fancy and rich but to him he see's something he really likes/loves. As well its important to maybe ask him to not take you all the time to fancy places. maybe tell him about your favorite place to go eat at...

    Cause Im going to tell you from my own experience with a rich friend.
    they arnt insulted if you suggest something thats not a expensive place to go but like a little "hole in a wall" place that does authentic food.

    Cause as much as sure he wants you to enjoy yourself. As welll if you explain that the restaurant serves your favorite meal im sure he's going to be super interested. Just cause to him your probably as forign besides the dating part. And finally its not odd or weird that your insercure about the money difference but im sure he would understand if you asked not to always go to fancy places to eat. But make sure you explain that you will not take money from him as long as your living on your own or if he moves in with you. At least while you are still dating as it would look as though your taking advantage of him which is no good for ether of you.

    • Not that I'm saying to jump the gun and get married but if i were you id go for the classy single diamond thats large rather than one of those funky diamond rings that look so sparkly you dont want to wear it lol.

      Plus for him he can watch you mess with the ring as you stare at the diamond lol

      PS: you two sound adorable.

    • Oh no lol no rings. I'd probably never even be comfortable with him buying me a ring even if we made it that far. Besides I'm a girl I've already thought about a ring that I'd want and it would be the man I marry his birthstone and maybe little tiny diamonds next to the stone. Probably doesn't sound like an engagement ring but I don't care about that.

    • I'm saying he might be forced into the diamond ring if his parents are involved :P I dont know if his parents are the traditional types is all im getting at and any way you can fight him over the ring cause its obviously he's going to go way overboard... you are the girl in his life and if you really are the one he wants you can expect the few gifts he knows you will accept you can expect them to be expensive wether you like it or not lol. all you can do is hope the stone or stones dont cost a fortune lol.

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  • I understand your apprehension but so far his behavior is exemplary -- he's concerned about your unease, and isn't using his family wealth to win your affection or gain sexual favors. If he's a gentleman he knows that he has had a privileged life and understands that not everyone is so fortunate. Just relax and take it as it comes. He seems to really like you. I hope that he treats you well and his family is gracious and welcoming.


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