Is it too early to tell him not to hangout with her?

So I recently started dating this guy, he asked me to be his girlfriend, which actually caught me off guard since it's really soon, but I said yes so here we are. Last night he invited me to his friends house for a BBQ. I've been to this house twice already and have met this group of friends multiple times. So this guy (host of the bbq) lives with his dad's girlfriend's daughter. She comes in and immediately starts talking about sex. That's all she says. That's all she has to offer. She talked about all the different dicks she's had. She started massaging and rubbing up against all of the guys there, except for my boyfriend, but including her "step brother". Anyway, later two of my very best friends show up and she asks them "are you friends with her?" And they say yes, and whe goes "oh well have they slept together yet?" And my friends were like "no they just got together." And she was like "oh well that's all he wants from her." I later told to my boyfriend what she said, and he told me that he had sex with her once two months ago on the first night they met, when he was drunk, and that she was jealous that he had made me his girlfriend so fast, and just the fact that we're together. I'm not the type of girl to get mad at something a guy did before he met me. It's irrational. But I don't want him hanging out with her, if I'm not around. But, she lives with one of his best friends and she'll obviously be there. I can't just tell him I don't want him to go to one of his best friend's house. What can I do?


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  • Nothing. You have to have faith in him. Besides, if he does do something with her and you find out about it, you will dump him because he's a scumbag. If you do decide to lay down and edict prohibiting him from associating with her, then you are setting up your relationship to be terminated. Never give ultimatums because that is how to destroy a relationship because relationships are based on trust.

    • I'm not worried about him doing anything with her, she's not a threat in that sense. But the stuff she talks about and the way she touches all those guys just really gets under my skin.

  • Just be his babe when your with him show him that he's the only one you care about and he can take it or leave it girl. Thats all i gotta say. PS: I sped read the entire story lol sound sweet.


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