Girls, what is up with her lack of communication?

She came to me all the time in a pop out of nowhere sort of way I ask her out 1 time she suddenly stops socializing with me on Facebook can't be she hates me or anything we was cool all the time suddenly now she is ignoring me that's it she hasn't unfriended me or blocked me or anything


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  • You probaby just threw her off guard. She probably saw you as just a friend and you took things to a different level. From personal experience I've done this and ended up losing good friends who I unintentially friendzoned. After a friend asked me out it became awkward for me and at a failed attempt to not hurt him I talked to him less then he was gone. If you really want her in your life I would apologize for getting the wrong idea and tell her you don't want to lose your friendship over something silly. And be patient with her. However don't wait around. That's not fair to you and we can't ever make up our damn mind about what we are feeling.

    • Hard 2 see it that way wouldn't a friend be ok 2 answer a simple question like what do u like 2 do because that was the 1st thing I ever asked her and she wouldn't even answer that question

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    • Probably the best thing you can do. Hope all turns out well (:

    • Thanks I appreciate it

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