Signs that he's only rebounding?

I'm confused because my ex and I have started talking a little again and he's mildly flirting/complimenting me at times.

On the other hand, there's this girl on his social media sites, he seems to be liking a lot of her pictures and to my knowledge, I think he's met up with her once now.

If he has, then I don't really want to be talking to him and it's as simple as that. Especially not flirting, because that just confuses me. If it's been so easy for him to move on then I don't see why I should continue to talk to him anyway, I clearly must not have meant as much as he said I did.

What do you think? How could I tell if he's just rebounding?


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  • Honestly is the best policy

    • As in? What do you mean?

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    • You can message if you need to talk about it

    • I might do yeah? :)

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