Would it be OK dating someone born in 2000 and you were born late 80's?

So the 2000 born will become legal next month they will turn 16 for those born in January.

Would you look down on an older guy dating someone born in 2K?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Depending on where you live it's not legal. But regardless, it's still creepy looking.

    • Creepy in what sense

    • Creepy in the sense you're in totally different stages of your lives and she's young enough to probably seem like your daughter.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I would look down on that older guy for dating a 16 year old and here's why. At that age you know who you are, you've been living life as and adult for a decade at that point and know who you are. At 16 you are still figuring out who you are, how the world works and what you want. For the older person to date the teen because of who they are as a person is kind of a hard to believe reason because they are still figuring it out. That leaves the sex as the most likely reason, and that's why it seems creepy.

    If the 20 year difference was further back, like say someone 27 and 47, it wouldn't seem so back because they've both been adults long enough to come into their own.


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What Girls Said 5

  • I think even 27 and 47 is still unethical. its such a huge difference., the 47 year old has had that time to grow and learn and be with people going through life as they are,. you learn a lot about yourself in relationships. when you're with a much older person it becomes paternalistic and you dont learn you for yourself. youth only comes around once and its a journey that should be had by all in it. older people try to take second helpings before everyone has had their firsts, it and its wrong.

  • That's disgusting

    • Why do you think?

    • My mom was born in 77 it would be the same as dating your parent.

  • it may be legal. but she is too immature i dont care how mature you say she is her brain hasn't even finished developing yet. and what do you have in common. how can you have really deep meaningful conversations where you guys feel you really get eachother on a mental level. if you guys can't meet on a mental level then your relationship is only skin deep. which then just makes you a pervert being 20 years older and she is a minor.

    • If I dated someone my age that's a retard would I still be a perv

    • i think no matter what i say you will argue it so ill just back out and not waste my energy

    • your defeat has been acknowledged

  • You're going to get yourself on a statutory charge. I don't know where you're from but 16 is only legal to have sex with guys under 18 or maybe 18. A man in his 30s dating a minor can get him arrested. She's a minor and you're not. But she can have sex with guys who are minors. Some laws state that the person can't be more than five years older than the minor. So if she's 16 or 17 and you're in your 30s her parents can still have you arrested.

    • But there's no such law in my country once you are of consenting age you can have sex with a 99 year old

    • In Canada at 16 you can have sex with an 90 year old.

    • Even at 14 you can have sex with someone up to 19

What Guys Said 1

  • Bruh, I wouldn't look down on you. I'd look up, as you're flying through the air from my vicious uppercut to the chin. Not saying I would assault you (because violence is bad) just stay away from my niece

    • You. must have some super powers big boy

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