Guys, What are some signs a guy really wants to be with you?

List 3 examples.


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  • Well if he asks you out thats a pretty good sign. If he continues to stay in a relationship thats another pretty good sign.

  • 1) makes long term plans with you and includes you in his macro-planning.
    2) finds excuses all the time to pas time with you
    3) makes compromises and sacrifices to ascend in your esteem and win your trust.

    • What if a guy talks about being friends first and then possibly evolving into something else? What does that mean from a man point of view?

    • i do that too. my view is that if two people can't be a good couple if they are not good friends. i wouldn't phrase it exactly like he did but i think we are in the same page. he sounds mature and i think he is onto something good. i hope i'm right and you won't get dissapointed.

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