I feel rare and uncomfortable around my boyfriend's family. Help?

Usually I am not shy but this people made me feel awkward since the first day.
No one is interested in me and they prefer to speak on their native language and ignore me most of the time!
His mom is really quiet and I do not know what the hell talk with her, his dad is more talkative but still we do not get along.

What can I do? I was never in this position before. And I have only see them 2 times but my boyfriend insist in taking me every weekend to the beach with them!


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  • Hey... adjusting with new people takes TIME...
    TIME makes people forget the dead loved ones...
    TIME makes us forget our ex partners...
    TIME makes us stronger and better person...
    So just give it some time... till they get acustomed to u and u get acoustomed to them...
    Im sure things will work out...
    God bless

  • The most important thing is to not stress over it. You don't nave to feel awkward, tell yourself that it's normal and it's who they are. Eventually, with time, you will adjust.


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