Guys, I had sex with my boyfriend of 1 month and now all he wants to do is text me. Seems interested enough but not as much. Help?

We both said I love you already (really immature I know but it happened). He used to call me all the time and now he just texts me. In days where he's really busy, he used to find the time to text and say sweet stuff like he loves me but he's been really spacey on saying that stuff. Not saying he's giving the cold shoulder, he still calls me darling and baby and babe and stuff. He still texts me and wonders why I don't text him back when I don't text him back. Basically, it seems he still wants to text me and talk about random things. I don't mind the spaciness, but it does make me curious if it was because of the sex that he lost a lot of interest but not all of it since he still wants to talk to me? If he lost interest, he'd break up with me right? He's in the military too so he's a naturally busy guy so I give him the benefit of the doubt. But I guess it's cuz he still likes me but the chase is over so the lovey dovey suck up level dropped? Opinions?
Also, if he doesn't say I love you anymore, should I just not say it too? I don't mind, I just wanna know how to go with the flow.


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  • Beware - there can be other girl involved too.
    However there can be many reasons -
    1. he is really busy.
    2. He is starting to maintain distance from u coz he got what he wanted (sex).
    3. He knows he has u so he is taking you for granted.

    • If he's taking me for granted what do I do? I doubt he's cheating on me, If so, I'm the main girl cuz we have a relationship status on fb and Instagram. Sounds immature again, but it's true. Doesn't seem like he's not interested, cuz he texts me first almost everyday, it just seems like he's more laid back about it.

    • Ok so u think he is taking u for granted...
      well then bring him back up on his toes...
      Use the JEALOUSY card... show him that other guys find u attractive too...
      that will be enough for him to give 100 % attention to u :)

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