Am I safe in this house?

I live with my mother, im 23 and i can't afford at the moment to get my own place, im struggeling, i have money but thats for my license, i am a student. With my mother lives my 29 year old crazy sister, she has depression and refuses to change, she literally made us all depressed, my mother is too stupid and ashamed to get help and refuses to sign her to a mental institute, i feel like my sister is too crazy to be let loose in society, sometimes i have a feeling she might hurt us all, but then again i remind myself she is depressed and probably is too fearful, she doesn't have friends, she is locked up in the house for over 8 years believing that God will help her get a house in new york, while she lives in Europe... yea... i have trouble finding a house and our mother doesn't do anything to protect our safety... am i safe? there is no real ''peace'' in this house, a very tense house, hostile. My sister is damaged goods only psychiatrist can fix someone like that. What should i do?


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  • Frankly, it sounds to me like you all need some professional help.


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  • Umm , i cannot say if you are safe or not but just remember that they are your family and you should protect them. Most probably , they r depressed and need help

    • my mother emotionally and psychally abused us

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    • what do you mean

    • I mean to say that i you feel that your mother an sister are depressed and also that your mother abused you two then you cannot depend on her and say that she keeps you fully safe. If you are doubting your safety with them ( by asking this question ) then u shouldn't depend on them fir your safety.

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  • Best option will be to pay for a psychiatrist.


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  • God she's depressed not a psych case from a horror movie

    • but she has Always been violent and shouts and screams when she wouldn't get her way, she even cut herself out of our childhood pics

    • Great so she needs a little help. Doesn't mean she's dangerous. and that doesn't sound like depression but something else entirely

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