My mom acts like having children is the worst thing?

This woman, my ''mother'' acted her whole life like we were a burden and owed her something for being born. She used to make comments ''you guys dont make my life easier, you dont do anything for me'', she told me those things over and over when i was freaking 12 years old. She hated feeding us, clothing us, she was extremely childish and never took responsibility for spreading her legs 4 times and getting babies, she probabay thought having children would make my dad stay but he never stayed he left. Till this day she is bitter, is she stupid or something? i dont OWE her anything, i didn't decided to be born.


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  • Its your mom's poor choice dont be too hard but as well dont be afraid to be firm. tell her you learned her lesson and explain that if you are going to have kids your going to play it smart.

  • Your mom is just really bitter of how your dad left her. So whatm thats her problem. Dont live your life carrying that burden on your shoulders, thats your moms byrden to carry.


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