Im 23 and missing out?

My life is a mess right now, broke, can't find a house, stuck at my mothers house and I feel controlled, im in school but I dont enjoy life because im controlled in this house, im misisng out in 6 months I will be 24 and im scared that my life will never begin, I feel old, I barely go out to enjoy my youth or hobbies anymore, im so depressed, I ve neverbeen in a relatio ship either


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  • Well first step back take a deep breath and sett up a plan on how to get a part time job and keep going to school and make a way out of the hole your in. Every part of life is like opening a new door. Calling yourself old at 23 hahahhaahaha sorry but thats not old. old is 60 years old to eighty years is old.

    Start eating healthy, excersise and get out side the house and who knows who you will find.

    • I feel for the OP i've felt old at 23 ... you'd be surprised how many people have a "quarter life crisis" and feel old

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    • @Tomsta nope lol sry my bad lol but yea i know about mid life and quarter lif crisis

    • I guess its just that you both got time to turn it around in the mid 20's its more if your single, than if your 50-60's you can end up in possibly screwed with no real way of fixing it.

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  • take any crap job you can get, work as much as possible, then move out.

    • i can't even find any crap job!

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    • already done thatttttttttttt

    • then stay at your mother's crying about how hard your life is forever.

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  • You're fine. Just focus on your goals/hobbies and all the other things will fall into place. Focus on making money so you can become financially independent. That would be a huge confidence boost for you.


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