Have you ever dated someone who was mentally ill?

Whether it's social anxiety/depression or schizophrenia, have you ever dated someone like that and how did it go?


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  • Yes, I have. I am also mentally ill myself, and people have dated me as well. I can understand why they wouldn't want to date another mentally ill person again... lol. I would be a hypocrite if I said I wouldn't date someone with a mental illness. I would.

  • I'm currently dating someone who was severely depressed when we started dating. We are still together and I'm happy to say he's changed a lot for the better since the beginning. He's a lot happier.

    • Do you feel that that change had something to do with being with you?

    • I believe so. His parents aren't really supportive and he can't really leave home. He's in a family with parents who don't really love each other and constantly fight. Plus he's the middle child so he gets yelled at the most for anything while his younger brother gets nothing. His sister was out of the house when I met him.

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